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February 2014
I updated the wanted list after Willy sent me some naughty ads from an old 64'er mag. We also refreshed all shop products AND reconfigured the designs so you can use them when creating your own products. Just search for girls64 when choosing a design. It's never been easier to double your sexiness!
On to the new stuff! Demo pics: Intro Pic and Cucumber Juice 3. Dr. Watson shared his collection with us and I found lots of new stuff: The Limerick, Porno-Land 2, Strip Roulette, Picture of a Lady, Sam Fox Pic, Let's Fuck, MCM girls 3, Sex-Show Deluxe, TGG's Dia Show 3 (which replaces the "Sex Picture" slideshow) and more MAC pictures! Additionally, Sound Garden, the MALE Sex Quiz, Penthouse on a disk, Sysiphus in Egypt and Girl Simulator. Wow.

Can you believe it? Tony was interviewed for Scene World Magazine Issue #21! However, to protect his identity from the NSA he used the random name Kai.
Our most loyal fan, JSL, worked long and hard on new pics: Girls of 64, For Kai 2, For Kai 3, For Kai 4, The Elves, Wet Dream and "Coming...". For real-girl cuteness, we got an uncensored version of Poker Lady Ines.
Sexy shirts,
naughty mugs and
pimped iPad cases.

And my cute face!
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